About Us

Who Are We?

Peak Styles is a discount mens suits e-commerce site focusing on men's suits, men's sport coats, & men's outerwear. We take pride in being able to bring you the highest quality suits at the lowest prices. We're a group of friends and family that get excited about men's fashion suits and sport coats. We focus on this niche of men's clothing because we are able to supply men's suits and sport coats along with some men's outerwear from sister suppliers that have overstocked suits. This creates a buying price which in turn allows us to pass the savings on to you!

Here’s a few things we take seriously here:

1. We look for on-trend and timeless, fashionable men's suits, sport coats, and outerwear so that you’re always getting a high quality, cheap suit that will last.

2. We are a partner site with wholesalers that help make pricing easy and discounted.

3. We focus on the small niche of men’s suits, sport coats, and outerwear so that the best prices are always here.


How do we keep prices so low?

We are a partner site with a suit wholesaler (NavacoInd.com) that allows us to sell close-out and overstocked men's suits, sport coats and outerwear. That way when a season ends or the wholesaler has overstocked clothing hanging in their warehouse, we’re the first to know. We then work at a price that ultimately saves you money! We handle all marketing, advertising, photography, graphic design, you name it, in-house so that the price continues to stay low without third-party costs. After all is said and done the suit goes live at Peak Styles for you to purchase at a discounted, very low price! No need to thank us, we love what we do! We hope to make Peak Styles the home for men's fashion suits and discount mens clothing. 


Visit our FAQ page for any other questions you might have! 


Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!