The Wedding Suit- The Summer Wedding Suit Edition

Why is knowing what to look for in a wedding suit important, especially in the summer?

Because summer means heat and outdoor weddings.

If you go into a wedding, whether you are the groom or a guest, in something other than a suit that allows you to cool off. Well, you're gonna be sweating up a storm before you even get to the dance floor.

Follow our simple guide to find the perfect wedding suit for you during any summer weddings you have coming up!



 Every wedding party ever that’s been held in the middle of July has complained tirelessly about how hot it is going to be in their suit/dress/anything. You could put them in shorts and a t-shirt and they’ll still complain. Let's try our best to get your groomsmen’s suits a cooler material. A high rayon-poly blend suit is a great middle-ground for price and quality. Unlike wool, cotton, and linen suits that can cost upwards of $500-$1,000 a blended wedding suit will give you good breathability without breaking the bank. These suits will not wrinkle either like linen or cotton suits will.


 Not everyone in your wedding party is going to want a skinny fit suit and may not even fit a super slim fit suit. We recommend going somewhere in between with a nice tapered jacket and slightly tapered pants. If there are a select few that want a trimmer looking suit they can always bring it in an inch or 2 at the tailor, but keep in mind, you can never take an inch or two OUT of a suit. We like a simple modern/slim fit which nestles perfectly in-between a traditional, looser fitting suit and our skinny fit suit. This will keep everyone happy and everyone looking great in their wedding suit!


 In most cases, a simple, single breasted, notch lapel suit will suffice. It looks great and can be worn again at multiple different events. If your wedding is going to be a little more formal we suggest opting for a peak lapel suit. Maybe even double down and go with a double breasted suit with a peak lapel for the ultimate power wedding move. One of our favorite models for a wedding suit is a shawl lapel. It’s a great formal look that’s memorable and different.


Our picks for the best summer wedding suits.
single breasted 3 piece slim fit suit
double breasted slim fit suit



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