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We want to bring you suits, sport coats, and men's style at an affordable price with amazing customer service and fast, flat rate shipping. We wanna take the hassle out of not only finding an affordable, fashion forward suit, but we want to help you understand everything there is to wearing, altering, buying, and styling your suit. 

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Who we are

We are a partner site to a suit wholesaler that distributes men's suits all across the country and develops highly sought after brands and distinct styles. Our M.O. is fashionable, affordable, men's suits. We wait till a season is over and we swipe up those suits, sport coats, or outerwear for a great price. Sometimes our wholesale partner will buy extra of a double breasted suit or a prom suit design and we can sell those extras for a fraction of the price! We keep costs low by selling only online, developing creative in house, and dropping the high retail mark-up. This leaves you with a suit at an amazingly affordable price!

We may have discount men's suits but we never skimp on the quality. Every cheap suit we have is filtered and tested to meet our high standards of quality. Some cheap suits stores focus solely on price. We focus on taking away the traditional mark-up for suits by getting timeless, men's fashion suits that are overstocked or a season late. This gives us the price we want at the quality we crave.

We're devotees to men's suit style here. We love the shirtless double breasted suit wearers, we live for the casual suit pants with a tucked in t-shirt, and we cherish the classic 3 piece suit with a beautiful, elaborate neck tie. We love it all and we love even more when you show us your style and how you incorporate suits you bought here into your daily routine. Show us by tagging us on Instagram!